We launch the ACTOR FACTOR training programme.  A programme split into three, the Elementary, The Intermediate and The Advanced.  The principal programme; The Elementary is the core product with an uosell called The Five Book Bundle and a combined package of  The Intermediate and The Advanced together.  This makes ACTOR FACTOR a product worh almost $2,000 with a Clickbank Sale Price of $301 with an attractive 75% commission. On all sales.

In addition to ACTOR FACTOR, three additional programmes are being developed and will further grow the products available to our Affilkiates.  These will be THEATRE DIRECTOR ($301) DRAMA TEACHER ($301) and BUSINESS BUILDER ($997) These three products will roll out over the following 9 months and each come with a 75% commission band.



My name is gary Sullivan, I am the founder of and author of most of whats written throughout.   Theatredigital publish products relevant to the theatre for actors, directors, teachers and buisness builders. THIS IS ACTOR FACTOR designed just actors who work in local community or amateur theatre.

The Theatre, TV and Film industry is dominated by professinally trained actors.  Perhaps there are one or two that have made it without training but most actors in these three main mediums would have attended college or university to obtain a degree or certification.

These actors are not our market!

Ou market are the thousands of actors who perform in local community or amateur theatre as well as those trained ators who never quite mae it!  In every village, town and city you will find a drama grouop, musical groups, dance troupes, choirs and in sme cases more than one.  In our small 64,000 populated toen we have five meucial groups staging musicals, 5 drama grous staging plays, so this mounts to a huge audience for our prodcuts and we are excited to be bring these actiors a brand new acting programme for online training.



 Hi, thanks for joining us, this is our Affiliates Resource Page.

As an Affiliate we will provide you with this amazing lead magnet which you will be able to use to gather prospective customers.  

This 50 page PDF will be yours to distribute FREELY as you build your THEATREDIGITAL.COME CLIENTELE.