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Actor Factor was founded by Gary Sullivan.
Having spent most of his life acting with local community and amateur theatre groups in the UK, a radical career move came for our founder in 1991 when he decided to start teaching young actors
the benefits of drama for building self confidence and communication skills.
Almost three thousand actors have passed through the hundreds of weekly classes run by Gary and his team of like minded tutors fueling their ambitions and passions and helping  many to become professional actors.
Now retired from teaching,  Gary focuses his attention on developing Actor Factor and directing local community theatre productions. 
His experience spans all sectors of the performing arts industry as an actor, director and writer, all an extension to his classes and performance workshops.

"Recently retired from teaching,  Gary now focuses his attention on developing Actor Factor"
ALEX HASSELL member of the Royal Shakespeare Company he has played many leading roles with them to critical acclaim including Richard IV Part 2.

"Working with Gary Sullivan when I was young taught me invaluable lessons in stage craft, self belief, collaboration, and a work ethic that I draw upon in my professional life to this day. The passion, playfulness, improvisatory spirit, and dedication that was instilled in me then has been a great gift for which I remain extremely thankful.